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What is Sleep?


Sleep is a mental and physical state of rest, during which time the person is usually inactive. Sleep is usually accompanied by a decrease in body temperature, blood pressure, respiration rate, and most bodily functions.  However, one’s brain remains active during sleep.  In fact, tasks such as storing of short-term memory material into long-term memory and replenishment of neurochemicals occur during sleep.

Structure of Normal Sleep


There are two distinct types of sleep:

1. Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep (also known as dreaming sleep)

2. Non-REM (NREM) sleep.


Sleep is composed of 5 stages.

Stages I-IV are known as NREM sleep (with stages III & IV being deep sleep.

Stage V is REM sleep.

Humans generally alternate between REM and NREM in 90-110 minute cycles.  Once asleep, we move into stage I, and then we cycle through stages II – IV in roughly 30 -40 minutes.  We cycle back briefly through stage III & II, then to stage 5 (REM).  This process normally occurs 4-5 times per night.


Common Signs & Symptoms

Type of Sleep Disorders

Health Concerns and Sleep

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Hygiene Rules

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How much sleep does one need?

  AGE   Sleep Needed
  Avg. Per Day
  Infants   Up to 18 Hours
  1-12 Mths   14-18 Hours
  1-3 Years   12-15 Hours
  3-5 Years   11-15 Hours
  5-12 Years   9-11 Hours
  Teens   9-10 Hours
  Adults   7-8 Hours
  Pregant Women   Varies


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