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Kingwood Sleep Lab is a state-of-the art facility that provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of sleep disorders in adults and children 13 years an up. 

We believe in improving your quality of life by improving your quality of sleep.  Our goal is to help you acheive a healthier night’s sleep through comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and long term care.

Our Services

Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment & Follow-up


Assessment: The evaluation usually begins with a consultation visit with one of our board certified sleep specialists.  Based on the evaluation of your sleep problems, a sleep study will be ordered. 

If the evaluation is done by your physician, ask to be referred to Kingwood Sleep Disorders Center to undergo your sleep study.


Diagnosis:  Polysomnographic (PSG) is the first sleep study.  This test is painless and non-invasive.  It is designed to monitor your sleeping cycle from brainwaves, breathing patterns, heart activity and body movements during an all-night sleep period.

On the night of your study the technician will attach electrodes to your head, neck, chest and leg areas.  The electrodes are small, round and painless and should be easily removed after the study is completed.  Two belts will go around your abdomen and chest, and a pulse oximeter will be placed around a finger to monitor oxygen levels.  Lastly, a nasal canula monitor will go under your nose to monitor nasal breathing. 

When you are ready to go to sleep the lights will be turned off and the sleep study will begin.  During the sleep evaluation the technician will remotely monitor you during your sleep study.   The recorded patterns are then studied by our board certified sleep physicians to diagnose your sleep disorders. 


Treatment:  Treatment is formulated based on the diagnosis and the individual needs.  Our team of board certified sleep specialists are skilled at making the correct diagnosis, and efficiently implementing the most effective treatment to correct any sleep problem. 

  • CPAP Therapy


  • BiPAP Therapy

  • MSLT & MWT




Follow Up:  Follow-up appointments are conducted at our sleep clinic with one of our board certified sleep specialists; and treatments are implemented.  Follow-up appointments should continue until stable resolution of your sleep symptoms is seen.  Continued follow-up appointments are usually available on an unlimited, as needed basis.  Follow-up appointments are vital for the successfulness of treatment.

Desensitization/Mask Fit: If you are having difficulty with your PAP machine or mask, a  desensitization/Mask Fit can be performed in our lab by our registered chieftechnologist.  He can help you with problems concerning your machine or mask such as:

  • Blowing too much air
  • Dry nose and/or mouth
  • Take mask off during the night
  • Trouble getting use to wearing the device
  • Mask leak
  • Eye irritation 
  • Being claustrophobic  
  • Leaves marks on face


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Breathing with a PAP machine is different than breathing on your own and may take some time to adjust to.  Just remember - you are in control of the process and there are steps you can take to feel more comfortable.  Consistent use of your PAP machine is critical in the successful treatment of sleep apnea.



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