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Pediatric Sleep Disorders


Kingwood Sleep Disorders Center provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of sleep disorders in children ages 13 years and up.  

At Kingwood Sleep Lab, our private rooms are designed to make you and your child feel like you are at home.  We require one parent or guardian to stay with the child during the sleep study.  Your child's sleep technician will confirm the patient's medical history and ask you and your child questions about sleep symptoms, sleep behaviors and activities.  The technician is also available to answer questions about the sleep study. 

Regular amounts of sleep are vital to a child's health, happiness, social life and success in school. A regular disruption in your child's sleep pattern may disturb the quality of your child's life.

When to Consider a Sleep Evaluation

A sleep disorder in children may exhibit one or more of these symptoms.

    • Snores
    • Sleep apnea (periods where the breath stops during sleep)
    • Makes other noises during sleep
    • Has excessive daytime sleepiness
    • Wets the bed (past the age of 5 years)
    • Has trouble falling asleep due to leg discomfort
    • Has trouble falling asleep
    • Grinds teeth during sleep
    • Has trouble staying asleep
    • Sleepwalks excessively
    • Has frequent sleep terrors
    • Shows signs of memory dysfunction or a lack of concentration
    • Moves excessively during sleep

Not all children require a sleep study for treatment and not all treatments require medication. Even if you suspect that the problem is behavioral, you should speak with your child's physician to ensure proper evaluation.


Common Childhood Sleep Disorders

Types of Tests and Therapies

Preparation for Sleep Study

Pediatric Forms


How much sleep does one need?

  AGE   Sleep Needed
  Avg. Per Day
  Infants   Up to 18 Hours
  1-12 Mths   14-18 Hours
  1-3 Years   12-15 Hours
  3-5 Years   11-15 Hours
  5-12 Years   9-11 Hours
  Teens   9-10 Hours
  Adults   7-8 Hours
  Pregant Women   Varies


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