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Kingwood Sleep Lab offers diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of sleep disorders in adults and children 13 years and up. Our board certified physicians in sleep medicine are highly qualified to evaluate and treat all known sleep disorders.

Kingwood Sleep Disorders Center is unlike any other sleep study facility in this area. Our private rooms offer amenities that make you feel like you are at a luxury hotel, such as quality queen-size sleep number beds, satellite TV, wall-mounted flat screen TV’s and more. Helping you feel comfortable and relaxed can make it easier for you to recreate your at-home routine and sleeping pattern. This in turn helps us to get the most accurate information possible from your study so we can better diagnose and treat your sleep disorder. Our rooms are located around a state-of-the-art central control station. This station allows our staff of certified sleep technicians to remotely monitor the activities that go on in your body during sleep.

Meet Our Team

Gnananandh Jayaraman, MD

Dr. Jayaraman serves as the Medical Director for Kingwood Sleep Disorders Center.  He is one of the very few sleep specialists in the country who pursued a dedicated year of sleep fellowship.  He graduated from Baylor College of Medicine, one of the top sleep medicine programs in the country.  He served as the chief fellow during his training at Baylor college of Medicine.  Dr. Jayaraman takes care of a spectrum of sleep disorders including insomnia, sleep disordered breathing, parasomnias, sleep related movement disorders, and narcolepsy.  He is an expert in taking care of pediatric sleep disorders and was trained at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Jayaraman is board certified in four specialties:  Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care Medicine and Sleep Medicine.


Amir Sharfkhaneh, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Sharafkhaneh is a Diplomat of American Board of Sleep Medicine, with over 15 years of experience in sleep medicine and research. Dr. Sharafkhaneh graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and completed residency training in Internal Medicine at Long Island College Hospital. Subsequently, he completed pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.

He is a leading figure in sleep disorders research, education and management in Houston. Dr. Sharafkhaneh has authored many peer reviewed papers and book chapters in diagnosis and management of sleep disorders. He has been involved in clinical and translational studies related to OSA for the last 15 years, manages large number of patients with various sleep disorders, and is extensively published in sleep disorders. Dr. Sharfkhaneh’s main areas of interest are management of complex sleep apnea cases, including obesity hypoventilation syndrome, overlap between respiratory disorders and sleep apnea, and sleep disorders in patients with cardiovascular diseases.


Dr. Max Hirshkowitz, Ph.D., D.A.B.S.M.

Dr. Hirshkowitz serves as the Clinical Director for Kingwood Sleep Disorders Center. He is internationally recognized sleep expert with over 35 years of experience in sleep research and sleep disorders. Dr. Hirshkowitz is also a popular lecturer and American Board of Sleep Medicine – certified sleep specialist. He is a graduate of Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (BS), and Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts in 1978 (MS and PhD).

He is an associate professor at Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Hirshkowitz directs the sleep center at Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Houston, Texas and has extensive experience in the training of physicians specializing in sleep medicine. He was a member of the team that wrote the ‘International Classification of Sleep Disorders’ and has hundreds of publications concerning sleep and its disorders. To further public understanding of sleep, he also co-authored the book, ‘Sleep Disorders for Dummies’.


Jose Colon, RPSGT

Jose Colon serves as our Chief Technologist. He began his career in 1992 and has been a registered polysomographer for over 15 years. Soon after graduating from the University of Puerto Rico with a BS degree in Microbiology, he began working at Aeromedical Research Lab in Fort Rucker, Alabama.  He was the lead Technologist of the Research Team and was involved in numerous sleep research projects. In 1998 he moved to Houston, Texas and started working at the VA Medical Center as a night lead technologist. He was promoted to Chief Technologist in 2005. Jose scores sleep studies, does home sleep test, and clinical procedures including multiple sleep latency test (MSLT), and maintenance of wakefulness test (MWT), desensitizes non-compliant apnea patients, and trains fellow, residents, and technologist. 

Joyce Scogins 

Joyce serves as our Office Manager. She has over 20 years of experience in the medical field and has been with Kingwood Sleep Lab for over 4 years. She has extensive medical group knowledge in the areas of: Business and Financial Management, Clinical Operations, and Organizational Planning.  Joyce is responsible for the daily operations of the lab.



Technologist RPSGT

We have certified technologist that are trained in the field of sleep medicine. They are highly qualified to perform polysomongraphy, sleep study, and other technical evaluations used for diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.  They offer a complete range of care from the hospitality of Grandma’s house to handling all aspects of the sleep studies.





Kingwood Sleep Disorders Center is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the professional medical association dedicated to assuring quality care for patients.

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Kingwood Sleep Lab is one of the most comprehensive treatment centers in Texas. We are one of the few centers to offer in one convenient location both evaluation by Board Certified Physicians and a sleep laboratory where patients can undergo a sleep study in a home like environment.


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